Possible Reactions After Using Rigirx


Possible Health Problems

Possible Illness due to your health problem

Possible reaction due to your health problem



Indigestion, excessive stomach acid

Nausea, Vomiting

Mainly due to excessive acid produced by stomach; Recommendation: Take after meals


Bad digestion system, abdominal bloating

Chest discomfort

Discomfort due to chemical reaction between stomach acid and food

Blood circulation

High blood pressure, vascular obstruction

Fever, excited, energetic, headache, sleeplessness

The herbal essence improving blood circulation, widening the arteries, supplying more blood and oxygen to the brain. This situation will subside after several days, promote good sleep


Blood circulation or weak body,

weak heart


Feeling weak

Those with weaker body or blood circulation often feel drowsy in the starting phase, this is mainly due to the widening of arteries and increased in blood circulation


Injured with bruises

Elevated pain on the injured area, back pain

Rigirx improve blood circulation. The pain signifies that the blood flow is not smooth in those area, blood clot

Liver function

Abnormal lever function or swollen liver or impaired liver function



This is normal reaction for people with acidic body, poor liver function due to high consumption of medicine


Swollen liver of bacteria infection

Cold with fever, Sore throat

Body immune system is weak or with early inflammation


Body metabolism disorders

Fever or mild fever

Rigirx is rich in nutrients which increase metabolism and body feels warmer

Urination / kidney

Some degree of enlarged prostate

Blood in semen

The enlarged prostate tissue is shed and carry off in the semen



Leg, muscle back pain

The enlarged prostate affects tissue around the region, recuperation process may cause some discomfort


Impaired kidney function

Red-eyes, swollen face or legs

Kidney disorders

Diabetes / blood glucose

Blood glucose too high or too low

Drowsy, feeling weak, swollen hand and legs

Rigirx increase metabolism, glucose level may fluctuate while body recuperate