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When do you know you’re old enough to die? Barbara Ehrenreich has some answers

With her latest book, Natural Causes, Barbara Ehrenreich notes that theres an age at which death no longer requires much explanation Four years ago, Natural Causes: An Epidemic of Wellness, the Certainty of Dying, and Killing Ourselves to Live Longer, published on 10 April. Part polemic, part autobiographical, Ehrenreich who holds a PhD in cellular […]

Sex robots promise ‘revolutionary’ service but also risks, says study

Androids could offer valuable help to the elderly and disabled but may lead to the increased objectification of women Foundation for Responsible Robotics (FRR) report, published on Wednesday, believe they could herald a revolution in sex, helping people who would otherwise find it hard to have intimate relationships. But they also raise concerns that sex […]

Brain game: how quitting routine tasks can help you learn new tricks

Daniel Glaser explains the benefits of taking on new challenges in middle age Although his previous attempt at a career break, by becoming an apprentice shoemaker in Florence, didnt last long, it seems

Feminism, politics and death: my mum died the night Hillary Clinton lost

They may seem like unrelated events but the end of Clintons campaign and my mothers life made me reflect differently on my own political career My mother died the night Hillary Clinton lost. These might seem like two very unrelated events and youd be right about that. But for me, and my somewhat particular circumstances, […]

Am I unreasonable to leave my boyfriend over his lack of basic hygiene?

When we met, he didnt look after himself. Now, although I have helped him smarten up, he doesnt take care of his nails and hands or do anything about a wart, and this is a complete turn-off for me I have been with my boyfriend for 10 months. When we met, he did not look […]