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43 Dirty Facts Youre Dying to Know but Are Too Afraid to Ask

Who can say whether these facts are things you need to know, or even should know? And while these facts may not be safe for work viewing (especially if you’re about to plug your computer in for a presentation), they could make for some interesting happy hour icebreakers off the clock. Just don’t bring us […]

Stop Thinking About Trump’s Dong, You Maniacs

If you believe the chatter coming from Stormy Daniels’ lawyer — and he provided a picture of a rewriteable CD-ROM, how could you not? — we’re only a short time away from seeing what President Donald Jayden Trump looks like when he’s doin’ the do. This news immediately gave the internet a bad case of […]

20 Years Later, Viagra Means Something Different For Millennials

Jason K. was 27 the first time he tried to have sex with a woman and couldn’t get an erection. He knew it wasn’t a physiological problem, because he had no problem getting hard at home while watching porn and masturbating, but the embarrassing episode gnawed at him. Jason grew anxious that it could happen […]

Biohacker Injects Himself With Stem Cells To “Get A Bigger Dick”

If you have a look on Ben Greenfield’s personal website, it will tell you that he is a personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, and health expert, but given his latest stunt, he might want to retract that last section. Greenfield is also one of a growing number of biohackers: a group of people who are not content […]

Weinstein Forced Staff to Corner Starlets, Schedule Sex, Inject Erection Drugs, New York Attorney General Claims

Harvey Weinstein threatened to kill employees and their families, according to claims in a new civil-rights lawsuit filed against the now-notorious movie mogul, his brother Bob Weinstein, and their empire, The Weinstein Company. Shocking allegations about the alleged serial sexual harasser were submitted in a suit filed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The […]